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ANCA Tx7 Grinder with Loader
ANCA Tx7 Grinder with Loader
Manufacturing Special Cutting Tools
  • Carbide and high speed steel tools manufactured to print
  • End mills from our stock can be altered to any size or specification
  • Step tools, drills, counterbores, reamers and tapered tools
    We have the capability to make the majority of the special cutting tools you may need.

    Manufacturing Carbide End Mills
  • Our own quality line manufactured in-house
  • Designed for general purpose use
  • Designed for stainless steel
  • Designed for cutting aluminum
  • Various lengths and coatings available

    Take a look at our online catalog for more details.

    Schvette WU-400 Tool Grinder
    Schutte 5-axis CNC grinder 305 with loader

    Your Cutting Tool Source For Over 50 Years!

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