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Custom Tool Grinding

The grinding of special cutting tools is the daily norm at O-D Tool. Many times our customers are looking for fast turnaround of a quality cutter that meets their specifications. They cannot afford late deliveries or special ground tools that are incorrectly ground.

To meet these challenges and ensure quality, special custom ground tools actually evolve from a process. This process has many interrelated ingredients, procedures and proven formulas that, when adhered to, result in a consistent, reliable flow from initial tool design to finished product.

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At O-D Tool, one of the key parts to the equation is people. Our highly competent team is composed of craftsmen who diligently produce intricate specials and maintain utmost quality checks. Equally important, we have a fleet of well-maintained CNC tool grinders, capable of running two shifts a day and producing tools manufactured to exact tolerances with superior finishes.

Much of O-D Tool's success can also be attributed to prior planning. Most special tools are scrutinized and discussed as far as what it is going to take to get the job done. This may include wheel selection, phases of preparation for the CNC grind or even an off-line computer simulation.

Inspection Cimulator Inspection

Through the use of PC software, special tools may be programmed and tested prior to grinding them in the machine. With the use of color graphics, actual tool grind paths are simulated showing the grinding wheel producing the part. This part now may be inspected for appearance and accuracy. The debugging of the program is done off-line, saving our customers on set-up charges.

A close working relationship with the customer only improves this process. Learning from them and listening to their requirements results in a win-win. We welcome your special cutting tool needs.

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